Pickle is one of the happiest cats I've ever met. This pudgy puss loves to eat, and lives to sleep.

On September 22nd, 2006, a petite caliby gave birth to her second litter.  1 piebald tabby, 1 grey piebald, 1 torbie, 1 caliby, and 1 orange piebald - 4 girls and 1 boy respectively. Pickle was that caliby, with markings and colours that match her mother's.

It was not my intention to adopt Pickle, but when JT and I went to finally bring Anastasia home, I couldn't resist.  Pickle spent 2 weeks with no name because I wanted to make sure I picked the best for her.  (Pickle was one of my original ideas, but I wasn't sure.) I asked a friend if she had any ideas and the first thing she said was Pickle. I had not told my friend what my ideas were so it was surprising that her first choice was mine as well. Pickle was named then and there.

Pickle is a quirky little cat. It was accidentally discovered when she was about 1 year old that she will meow when you point to her and say her name (and sometimes even when you just point). Sometimes this meowing will continue on and off with a continual 'point' for more than 10 minutes! 

She is also, despite what her weight might imply, quite a picky eater. She will almost always turn her nose up at poultry - fresh, canned wet food, treats, chicken, or turkey, it doesn't matter.

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