Anastasia is a pretty princess. Always ready to cuddle, it's surprising that she's the only cat that doesn't sleep in my bed!

Anastasia is a long-haired, grey torbie. She was born on September 22nd, 2006, to a tiny caliby named Boo, in a litter of 5. JT was given pick of the litter and after spotting her crawling over all of her littermates, only hours old, and tail sticking straight up in the air, he made his decision very quickly.  She was named well before we even brought her home, and when she finally came home, didn't do so alone. We brought her sister, Pickle, as well.

Anastasia carries an air of royalty, always holding her chin high and wearing the orange spot on her forehead like a crown jewel. She always keeps her long fur perfectly groomed, stopping to make 'adjustments' whenever it is mussed. 

When Anastasia was just a little kitten she took a liking to a little heart pillow that we brought home from a vending machine. She carried it around with her (even though it was bigger than she was originally), and slept with it regularly.  After moving, the pillow stayed packed away for quite a while. When we brought it back out she seemed to recognize it immediately.  She loves her pillow so much now that she will spend, sometimes, half an hour at time kneading and suckling on it, and when she does stop she will sing to it. She is also quite protective of it, stealing it away from anyone who moves it and giving it 'love'.

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